Resources On The Development Of New Medicines

Drug development is the driving force behind medical advancement. New technologies and research are constantly creating new possibilities in the world of medicine and treatment. Join the thousands of others who are finding the cure for cancer or Parkinson’s. This resource will direct you to current drug development research and clinical trials, the top pharmaceutical companies, information on how to market new medicines, and careers opportunities in the field of biotechnology and drug development.

Sources in The Field Current Research The Medicine Market Careers in Biotechnology and Drug Development

Sources in The Field

  • DDDMag is a magazine dedicated to strategies and technologies that drive drug discovery to the market. They offer extensive articles and information on drug development, discovery, and other relevant topics.
  • FDA explains in depth all of the necessary parts of your NDA (new drug application). This extensive list directs you to additional information, forms, laws and regulations, as well as links to related topics.
  • FierceBiotech is one of the leading daily monitors of drug development and the FDA’s approval list. Here you will find up-to-date information on what is going on in the world of drug discovery.
  • Google News pinpoints the latest information on drug development from news sources from all over the world. Here you will find the most up to date information on what medicines are being funded, marketed, and approved.
  • Harvard Science discusses the technology involved in distributing new medicines around the world, specifically third world countries. A consortium of well known universities has joined together to hasten the distribution of affordable medicines and technologies in order to assuage the global health crisis.
  • Merck Sharpe & Dohme outlines and describes the four main steps to developing a new medicine. Step 1: Drug Discovery, Step 2: Pre-Clinical Trials, Step 3: Clinical Trials, and Step 4: Review and Registration.
  • MIT defines biotechnology as a field that “uses the basic ingredients of life – living cells and materials produced by cells – to make new products: pharmaceutical, diagnostic, agricultural, environmental and other.” Their handout includes information on careers in biotechnology and other helpful links.
  • National Library of Medicine offers a wealth of information on current health news and developments. You can search this site to find information on just about anything going on with medicine and drug development in the United States.
  • PHRMA is a very useful site for learning about new medicines and what drugs are currently being tested and developed. Search their database for a drug, or read recent reports on drug testing and approval.
  • The Human Genome project focuses on pharmacogenomics, which is the study of how genetics impacts and affects the effectiveness of drugs. A widely growing area of focus, this approach to developing new medicines makes drugs more effective and tailored to the individual’s unique chemistry.
  • UMBI explains the basics of biotechnology, a driving sector of new drug development. This synopsis outlines the various branches of biotechnology and how they are applied.
  • UNC School of Pharmacy discusses innovative approaches to antibiotic development. This article explores the history of antibiotic development and the shift from focusing on medicine that solely combats bacteria to antibiotics that do not succumb to the body’s antibiotic tolerance and resistance.

Current Research

  • AAAS Science hosts an extremely informative article entitled, “Drug Discovery and Biotechnology Trends.” In this paper you will find information on the new software and methods that are contributing to drug development.
  • CenterWatch is an excellent resource for patients and doctors. This regularly updated site lists all of the most recently FDA approved medications, what drugs are currently in clinical trials and how to find them, and new drug therapies in development.
  • Clinical Connection hosts relevant news and updates on clinical trials and new studies. Updated regularly, you will find a wealth of information about ongoing studies, research, and developments in all types of drugs.
  • Clinical Trials.govis a searchable database that allows you to locate clinical trials currently taking place all over the world. Currently there are close to 100,000 clinical trials in 174 countries.
  • will keep you abreast of the latest FDA approvals for a variety of medicines. Here you will find a chronological list of drugs approved, useful links and information.
  • Forbes magazine provides a very informative article entitled “New Drugs to Watch.” Here you will learn about the latest medical developments for diseases such as cancer, diabetes, neurological diseases, cardiovascular disease and others.
  • LexiComp lists new drug approvals by month and year, making information on specific medications easy to find and navigate. They also have a section designated for “special alerts” with up-to-date drug development information.
  • Medical News Today is where you can find the latest clinical drug trial news and research. Updated daily, this site includes news on new findings, proposed clinical trials, and other information on drug development.
  • Northern University has an outstanding drug development school, the “Center for Drug Discovery.” Their website includes links to upcoming lectures, links to scholarly articles on drug development, and also outlines their current research on the “Endocannabinoid Biochemical System in Drug Discovery” and “Ligand Assisted Protein Structure (LAPS).”
  • is a site dedicated specifically to current developments in medicine. Here you can find information on new drugs and clinical trials, personalized medicine developments, and advancements on prescription drug markets.
  • Internet Drug News publishes daily news on clinical trials, drug proposals, and the latest medical research. Each article comes with useful links for further information.
  • PharmCatalyst hosts a brief explanation of the process of drug development. This paper estimates that it takes 12-15 years for a new drug to be discovered, and that only 1 out of every 1,000 drugs even makes it to clinical trials.
  • PLOS hosts a peer reviewed article entitled, “Market Failure and the Poverty of New Drugs in Maternal Health” that discusses issues with pharmaceutical companies developing drugs for obstrepic conditions, with only one new drug licensed in the past 20 years.
  • Scripps Research Institute explores the development of new therapeutic approaches to disease by studying organic chemistry, molecular biology, and medicine. This site discusses the advance of antibodies, specifically chemically program and catalytic and how their findings are contributing to developing new medicines.
  • Stanford School of Medicine hosts a video entitled, “The Challenges of Developing New Drugs for Neglected Tropical Diseases.” This informative lecture discusses three main challenges to developing these new medicines, and what steps Dr. Jim McKerrow of the Sandler Institute is taking to overcome them.
  • The FDA, the government entity in charge of approving new medicines before they are distributed, explains step by step the process of getting a new drug approved. This site also discusses how certain research and testing leads to discoveries which then turn into widely distributed medicines.
  • The Medical News hosts the latest medical news and research from around the world. This site offers current reports on new drug development as well as other relevant information.
  • The Jacob’s Institute for Molecular Engineering of Medicine hosts explanations on their most current and cutting edge research. Here you can read about their work on “Polymer-based Gene Delivery Theory and Simulation,” “Continuous-flow, High-Resolution Electrophoresis for Biomolecule Purification,” and other relevant and exciting research for the latest drug development.

The Medicine Market

  • discusses the lengthy process and costs involved in developing a new “wonder” drug. This article explains the economic risks, investments, and time necessary for advancing drug development.
  • Bureau of Economic and Trade Commission hosts a paper concerning how long it takes for drugs to enter the market after human trial. This paper studies a span of 20 years of testing and development, and debates whether some drugs are able to reach the market at an accelerated rate compared to others.
  • Medical Marketing & Media is an excellent resource once your drug gets approved and needs to be marketed to consumers. Here you will find a list of new FDA approvals, a searchable index of current drugs on the markets, as well as tips, information, and debates about the medicine market.
  • MedNews explains the procedural steps for marketing a new medicine. This site explains pre-marketing approval, post-marketing surveillance, and everything in between.
  • Stanford School of Medicine hosts a video entitled “Innovation in Global Health: Are Markets Broken or Simply Telling the Truth,” which discusses the drug market and economic demand for development on a global scale.

Careers in Biotechnology and Drug Development

  • Bio-Link is a site made specifically to educate the biotechnology career force. This site provides job links, biotech news, a forum to talk to others, and information on the industry itself.
  • Biotechnology Institute is your gateway to a promising career in biotechnology. Here you will find job postings, information on specialty areas, and links to other relevant biotech sites.
  • BMES hosts a very helpful site for determining which career path in biotechnology is right for you. This site provides further information on specialty areas within the field, examples of specific activities attached to these jobs, and information and where these jobs are and what the working and job environment is like.
  • CareersBiotech offers extensive information on jobs in the field of biotechnology. This site pans out different careers and emphases within each specialty so that you can find one that meets all of your interests and assets.
  • Genentechis one of the leading biotechnology work forces in America. Here you can find information on their company, available jobs, current clinical trials and medical developments.
  • HireBio is a site especially designed for those seeking careers in biotechnology. Here you can search for jobs, post your resume, and learn more about specific areas within the field.
  • Iowa State University provides a wealth of information on jobs in biotechnology. This site offers definitions, the industry’s impact on human health careers, veterinary careers, plant science and agriculture, and other industries.
  • Medzilla is an excellent career finder site specifically for jobs with pharmaceutical companies, or in the area of biotechnology and health care.
  • NC BioImpact provides a variety of information on career opportunities in this area. Career areas include a variety of medical engineers that work with developing new drugs.
  • PharmaOpportunities is a site specifically for careers within the pharmaceuticals field, including research, development, and even marketing and sales. Here you can search for jobs, post your resume, and read up on useful career resources.