Guide To Top Healthcare Institutions

A career in medicine can be extremely rewarding for those who are committed to helping others. Finding the right medical school is important to provide adequate training and facilities that will educate students and supply opportunities to work in hospitals and other care facilities. Those applying to a medical school program should research several options before committing themselves to one institution, to ensure the best education and opportunity for job placement after graduation. There are many top healthcare institutions that will provide excellent training for aspiring medical students.

  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: This school prepares students for a career in medicine with opportunities in research and community service, in addition to traditional studies. Faculty is accessible for assistance with learning and projects.
  • University of Washington: Located in Seattle, this top medical school offers access to three different medical centers for clinical education. The school continues to advance in areas of research and specialty care.
  • Michigan State University: With three locations in the state of Michigan, this is one of the nation’s top ranked colleges. The school offers a complete medical education that specializes in the field of osteopathic medicine, and students who graduate will have the training necessary for a variety of occupations.
  • Harvard Medical School: This top college is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts and was established in the 18th century. There are numerous hospitals and care facilities associated with Harvard for medical training and clinical experience. Harvard also prides itself on leadership in the area of medical research.
  • University of Nebraska Medical Center: This school, located in Omaha, Nebraska, offers a complete medical education and is directly associated with a healthcare institution. The institute is one of few schools to offer a joint program that combines medicine with a dual degree in Public Health.
  • University of California at San Francisco: This award winning school offers opportunities for students to pursue their medical career with emphasis on research and biotechnology. The school is praised for its’ excellent faculty, providing students with a specialized education.
  • Baylor College of Medicine: This private medical school, located in Houston TX, is one of the leading institutions for patient care, education, and research. It is affiliated with eight hospitals in the Houston area, and was voted one of the top ten schools in the country for 2010 by U.S. News and World Report.
  • Brown University: This Rhode Island medical school proudly offers high standards in the areas of research and education. The school is affiliated with seven hospitals for clinical education, and offers joint programs in biology and public health.
  • Johns Hopkins: Since 1892, this school of medicine has been a leader in research and patient care. Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Johns Hopkins is one of the top schools of research in the fields of science and technology, offering students an extensive education.
  • University of Pennsylvania: This college is considered one of the oldest schools of medicine in the United States. It boasts an excellent program, providing students with broad backgrounds in science and clinical medicine. The school is located in Philadelphia.
  • University of Rochester: This program provides students with a complex integration of science based instruction and clinical education. The school has multiple teaching facilities and laboratories, as well as affiliations with various medical centers for clinical experience.
  • Oregon Health and Science University: This top ranked university has grown into a large research center that is combined with a teaching hospital. Students gain valuable experience during their medical school career by studying in both health and science in hands-on participation.
  • University of Colorado: The school of medicine, located in Aurora CO, offers extensive medical education, as well as continuing education for licensed professionals. Part of the curriculum for medical students is to work in a rural setting for their clinical rotation, offering a very different experience than some standard schools.
  • University of Massachusetts: This school has been nationally recognized as one of distinction in the areas of research and health education. Focusing on training students in the area of primary care, the University of Massachusetts educates students about caring for the whole person.
  • University of Iowa: Located in Iowa City, the Carver College of Medicine offers state of the art research facilities and laboratories for the education of medical students. Ongoing studies in the fields of biomedical research, and experiences in community based setting prepare students for their career after graduation.