A Parent’s Guide To Online Games That Promote Children’s Health

You’ve been there before. Your toddler despised vegetables, except when you did that funny, silly airplane trick’s then poof’s those veggies were the best things since mac and cheese! Now, your baby is an energetic, growing individual, and unless there is incentive, most nutritional foods and healthy games do not take priority over candy, the slip in’ slide, or the mall.

Raising a child is a beautiful thing”but, actually teaching them about healthy living and implement what is learned can be quite daunting unless it’s entertaining and exciting for them. Check out these fun, interactive computer games and activities for young children and teenagers that educate and promote great health and well-being for your entire family!

Nutritional Games Kids Will Eat Up! Staying Germ-free with Healthy Hygiene Brain Games to Stimulate the Mind Fitness Fun! Environmental Education

Nutritional Games Kids Will Eat Up!

Basic Nutrition Education:

  • Building Blocks for children is a fantastic website with a variety of healthy games for kids and includes an extensive and entertaining sing-a-long collection with music and lyrics that teach about healthy snacks and exercise. Your little one’s will not only learn important health information, but will love singing along with the rhymes and fun melodies!
  • Dishin’ the Nutrition is a really fun way for kids to sing their way to healthy eating! This rap promotes nutritional foods and actions for tweens all over the world!
  • Take the Fantastic Food Challenge with your family. This interactive computer game software teaches children and young adults about the agricultural food pyramid, storing food healthily, and even has a pricing game to teach parents how to get the best bargain buy at the grocery store!
  • The Halloween Candy Game is a very useful and enlightening game for kids to learn about indulging during the holidays, especially Halloween. This online, interactive game is a colorful calorie counter shaped like a Pumpkin and teaches kids about how many calories there are in candy and that a little bit goes a long way!
  • Juice Jumble is a fantastic online game that teaches kids the healthy and not-so-healthy ingredients found in their favorite juice. Kids gain points with the correct answers and matches”this engaging, colorful game allows kids to see which juices contain the best nutritional ingredients for them.
  • Missing Nutrition is a super fun cooking game! Kids take the online challenge to find the missing healthy foods in the kitchen!
  • My Pyramid Game is a great way to learn about the food groups and how to balance a strong and healthy diet. Computer generated, MyPyramid, is vivid, educational, and entertaining for your child.
  • Spot the Block: is a program for tweens to learn food facts and nutritional values of food from their favorite cartoon characters.


  • Cooking is a fun way to learn about healthy foods. With recipes like Awesome Applesauce, Berry Tasty Muffins, and Perfect Pineapple Pops, kids will surely enjoy cooking and eating healthy, delicious foods.
  • Cooking safely crossword puzzle is a neat way for kids and teens to learn about cooking food properly and safely.
  • Dining Decisions an entertaining game that helps kids and teens make healthy decisions while eating cafeteria or restaurant food.
  • Grocery Store Games at Building Blocks is an entertaining and hands-on game to play with your kids to learn about healthy produce and foods to purchase. Learn how it weigh, classify, and choose the healthiest foods in the store!
  • My Very Own Pizza is a fun game play with younger kids who enjoy cooking or have a desire to learn about it! Before making the pizza, kids can learn the history of pizza and various nutritional facts that discuss healthy vegetable and dairy choices. Then, it’s time to make the pizza and eat!
  • Portion Control is very important for kids to learn. Through these measuring activities, kids can learn about controlling their food intake and have fun while doing it!

Healthy Bones:

  • Best Bones Forever is a terrific site for teen girls that not only offers detailed information about healthy bones, but also has various games, recipes, quizzes, and activities, like cheerleading and skateboarding, that teach about the body and the bones. Colorful, fun, and informative, these interactive activities and exercises are extremely important for every teen girl to do and learn!
  • The Skeletal System movie is an educational and visual way to teach kids about the function and location of their bones.
  • Smart Choices teaches kids about how to make their bones super strong with foods containing calcium, whole grains, and vegetables. Through music and chart-mapping, kids get a thorough education with this fun activity.
  • Yorick, the bionic skeleton will teach kids all about the bones in a playful, entertaining manner.

Staying Germ-free with Healthy Hygiene

Stay germ-free with activities that promote food safety and a clean environment. These enlightening games about hygiene are sure to change your child’s hygienic habits for the better!

Communicable Diseases:

  • Food Borne Illnesses may not be a common thing to learn, but is very important to understand for health purposes. This summer food game tests kids detective skills to find foods that may be contaminated with diseases.
  • Immune Platoon and Disease Detectives offer scenarios with real-life doctors as characters that teach kids about illness and disease and how to stay healthy. These lively adventures are sure to engage kids’ imagination and keep them engaged.

Dental Hygiene:

  • The American Dental Association is determined to get kids to have healthy gums! To Tell the Tooth is an animated game that teaches kids about how to take care of their mouths through brushing, flossing, and eating healthily!
  • What’s in your Mouth? Promote great dental health in your kids using art, math, and communication skills that inspire children to floss and brush their teeth.

Food Safety Resources:

  • Coloring is an easy way for kids to learn about food safety. This activity booklet, helps children identify the healthy way to prepare foods.
  • Cross-contamination of foods can make people sick! Kids can complete this puzzle and learn how to keep food separate and stay germ-free in the kitchen.
  • Fight germs through these fantastic games and activities that promote food safety awareness such as food word matches, hand washing activities, and germ sing-a-long songs!
  • Food safety is essential when teaching kids about staying germ-free. Through this resource, kids can download coloring books and other activities that will teach them about handling food, food preparation and poisoning, and washing their hands.
  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has some amazing resources for food safety education for kids. Kids can read comic books, complete puzzles and word searches, and play games on the site to learn all about food safety.

Brain Games to Stimulate the Mind

Memory Games:

  • Census for Kids Memory Game , which challenges kids to reveal matching pictures within a certain time, engages and exercises the brain. Your kids will be sure and remember to thank you for this fun and thought-provoking exercise.
  • Favorite Snacks Memory Game is a great way to work out the brain and learn about healthy snacks at the same time.


  • Brainteasers and Riddles help stimulate children’s’ minds and tests their intelligence as well through puzzles, riddles, and quizzes.
  • Brain Box is a hands-on experiment that tests a child’s sense of touch. Using materials from your home, this is a smart way to assess your kid’s imagery skills.
  • Brain Gain is an interactive game assessing kids on various nutritional facts about food, portion size and overall health. Children love to solve riddles and complete quizzes, so this is a great way to fuel the brain healthily.
  • Health Search is a challenging activity that quizzes kids on health-related topics. This might be a great way to test their knowledge, then have a conversation with them about good health methods.
  • What is it? This game stimulates memory and asks kids to identify a variety of foods if they don’t know, they can read all about the food and its healthy benefits.

Fitness Fun!

Heart-Healthy Activities that Support an Active Lifestyle:

  • Building Blocks offers great activities for the whole family to learn about fitness and physical health such as playing and learning outside, moving the body, and making exercise fun.
  • Creativity Exercises not only stimulate the body, but the brain as well. Learn how to exercise in creative ways through music, art, and writing.
  • Take the Maya and Miguel Challenge! Get your kids to stay active through Maya and Miguel’s exciting journey. Kids get to move around the microphone and hear each character speak about various sports, such as soccer, and why it’s beneficial to play sports and get moving. Kids will love these characters!
  • The Pantomime Game is a fitness activity that promotes communication with families about the benefits of physical activity and health.

Games About the Body and Mind:

  • BAM! (Body and Mind) created by the Center for Disease and Prevention, is an interactive, kid-friendly resource for kids. Centering on physical education about the body and mind, the site is full of adventures that take kids through various aspects of the body through games, puzzles, and short movie clips.
  • Brain Pop teaches about our health from the parts of the brain to diseases and different aspects of the body. Through a series of cartoon clips, kids can watch, participate, and enjoy learning about their bodies. This activity engages the kids and promotes awareness is a fun way!
  • Feelings and Emotions aren’t often taught to kids, so this game is a helpful way to understand emotions and honor their own feelings.
  • How the Body Works Scavenger Hunt is an entertaining game that teaches children how their body works. An adventurous game, kids solve clues to find interesting facts about the human body.
  • Kids Quest on health is a superb site that takes kids on educational adventures to learn about health issues. Kids will have fun navigating through this virtual tour of health facts!
  • Model Eardrum is an experiment that kids can do to learn all about the eardrum and learn about the details of how we hear.
  • The Urinary System Word Bank although a bit awkward to talk about, is a word game that teaches about how the body works, focusing on the urinary tract system and tests their knowledge about biology as well.

Environmental Education

  • The Environmental Protection Agency offers a variety of fun-filled games and activities that teach about water cycles, filtration, and clean drinking water. From matching and memory games, to actual experiments, kids will get a broad range of important information about water conservation and more!
  • The Environmental Kids Club art room offers a variety of artistic activities that communicate important lessons about the environment from coloring books, matching games, and animated adventures, to online water adventures and activity books, this is a fantastic program offered by the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • NIEHS Kids’ Pages is a family-friendly site for kids to learn about the environment. It’s filled with music about helping the environment and catchy melodies for kids to sing along to with family and friends!
  • Nature Drawing is a peaceful, inspiring way to capture the beauty of the environment and learn about the earth’s ornate details. Kids will love to sketch animals, capture sounds, and show their artistic abilities through this activity.
  • Conservation is extremely important for kids to learn. To benefit the earth and their own health, kids can make their own green -household cleaners with easy ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar, and soap.