The Comprehensive H1N1Guide

Flu season typically hits higher education hard, and the 2009 H1N1 pandemic further confirms the importance of knowing how to protect your health when viruses threaten to drag you down. So unless you

Your Guide To Medical Volunteering Abroad

So your heart is as big as your brain. You have chosen a calling focused on health, and you would like to volunteer! You want to save lives. You also want to see the world. Now for the sixty-four thousand dollar question: can you sync the two goals?

44 Excellent Resources For Health Communication

Effective health communication is a challenge that doctors face every day. From discussing routine procedures to the more difficult task of giving bad news, it's particularly difficult for doctors to both keep their patients comfortable

Understanding The HIPPA Law

HIPAA is an acronym for The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and was first enforced in 1996. This Act was created to provide protection for personal health information. This Act is balanced so that it provides needed information to health care providers for patient care, but also provides patients certain rights to that personal information.

Valuable Resources For HIV/AIDS Patients

If you are living with HIV/AIDS, you are not alone. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, an estimated 1.1 million other Americans are living with the disease, and every 9½ minutes someone else in the U.S. is infected with HIV.

How The Human Body Works – A Resource Guide For Curious Kids

This is a list of fun, safe, and informative web resources for kids to explore the human body. Many sites provide lessons about all aspects of human anatomy, but we've also included several sections dedicated specifically to the skeletal, sensory, muscular and circulatory systems.

The Human Genetics Education Resource

Human genetics can be defined as the study of trait inheritance as it occurs in humans. While this is a very basic definition, it is also a broad one as genetics is complex. Genetics is comprised of many different fields, including

Medical Ethics Overview

Medical ethics is more than just a way of behaving for medical professionals. It's actually the process of studying the moral problems that doctors have to deal with when treating real patients. Those decisions are important because they affect a person's life and the quality of life for patients.

The Medical Reference Resource Library

The field of medicine is an ever-changing and growing profession. Cutting edge research and clinical trials constantly expand medicine's knowledge base. As technologies and methods advance, new specialties emerge and fuel the need for cooperative and collaborative education and knowledge sharing.

Mental Health Education Resources

Mental health is a term used to describe emotional well-being. A person's ability to carry out tasks of everyday life and cope with stress are contributing factors to mental wellness. A mental illness is a change in behavior or psychological pattern of an individual which may lead to distress. Several resources are available to support mental health education.

Resources On The Development Of New Medicines

Drug development is the driving force behind medical advancement. New technologies and research are constantly creating new possibilities in the world of medicine and treatment. Join the thousands of others who are finding the cure for cancer or Parkinson's. This resource will direct you to current drug development research and clinical trials

Understanding Living With Parkinson’s Disease

Learning to live with a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease can be a frightening and confusing process. Though the disease has many debilitating factors, the sites below will help you learn to manage your Parkinson's and provide

What Parents Should Know About The Signs And Symptom Of Pneumonia

Pneumonia continues to be the leading cause of death worldwide for children under five years old. It's therefore something all parents and expecting parents would benefit from an increased awareness of. However, it seems that while the word pneumonia strikes concern with many of us, it also leaves a lot of blanks to be filled in.

Resources To Help Quit Smoking

The pull of nicotine is so incredibly strong that most people are tricked into thinking they can never be free of it. However, there is so much support out there to help you beat the temptation to smoke. We know that you'd like to be

The Best Resources On The Web On Sexual Health

According to the World Health Organization, sexual health is a state of physical, emotional, mental and social wellbeing in relation to sexuality; it is not merely the absence of disease, dysfunction or infirmity.

The Complete Guide To Sleep Disorders

There are over 70 types of sleeping disorders out there and more than 70 million Americans suffering from them, and many of those people don't even know they have them. From sleep walking to sleep eating to restless legs and teeth grinding, there's a lot of information to process, so we want to make sure you have your facts straight.

Spirituality & Health

The world has seen a lot of evidence that one's spiritual nature can affect his or her mental and physical well-being. I am sure we have all heard cases where a woman is mysteriously cured of cancer after being prayed for

35 Awesome Stress Management Resources

According to the latest American Psychological Association study, almost 50% of Americans report that their stress levels are on the rise and as much as 30% of the public reports their average stress levels as extreme.

Your Guide To Teen Health

Adolescence happens to everyone. In between childhood and adulthood, every person must experience the state of being a teenager. This stage can be confusing and frustrating, as teens try to discover who they are and what they want for their futures, while at the same time trying to cope with the changes their bodies are going through and other influential outside challenges.

Guide To Top Healthcare Institutions

A career in medicine can be extremely rewarding for those who are committed to helping others. Finding the right medical school is important to provide adequate training and facilities that will educate students and supply opportunities to work in hospitals and other care facilities.